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VHP to build ‘dharam rakshak sena’ in UP ahead of Ram Janmabhoomi verdict

In 16 districts of UP, VHP is holding ‘Trishul Diksha’ programme where over 25,000 youths are being trained in the art of using trident.

SNS | New Delhi |

Ahead of the Ram Janmabhoomi verdict expected to be released by the Supreme Court in November, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) is preparing to build a new cadre called ‘Dharam Rakshak Sena’. VHP is planning to form the cadre that will play a proactive role in mobilising people for the temple.

In 16 districts of central Uttar Pradesh, VHP is also holding a ‘Trishul Diksha’ programme where over 25,000 youths are being trained in the art of using trident. The programme conducted in collaboration by VHP in ‘Shakti Kendras’  is expected to be completed by October 16

As per a VHP leader Bholendra Singh, there are four Shakti Kendras in every district and a total of 94 Kendras in Uttar Pradesh, training camps in these kendras are conducted on a daily basis.

All the participants who will also be known as ‘Dharam Rakshak’ will be distributed tridents, once their training is completed.

The Dharam Rakshaks will be administered a pledge to protect Hindus and Hinduism. They will be taught to deal with issues like ‘love jihad’ and conversions and also told how to react to such issues without using violence.

According to the VHP leader, the main purpose of building the new cadre is to acquaint the youth with Hindu ideology and educate them about the importance of ‘shaastra’ (scriptures) and ‘shastra’ (arms).

“The Hindus are not weak. ‘Shastra’ is an integral part of our culture and history and this training will equip and strengthen our youth,” he said.

“The youths will carry tridents as a symbol of strength and not necessarily to incite violence,” he added.

It is to be noted that the VHP and Bajrang Dal had conducted a similar exercise in 2017 as well. They had distributed tridents to youth.

The exercise was undertaken at regular intervals to induct young blood into the organisations and help the youth imbibe their culture and legacy, said the VHP leader.

He clarified that the trident is not classified as a prohibited weapon and there is no violation of law in this exercise.