Trouble mounts for BJP leader and Khanpur legislator Kunwar Pranab Singh ‘Champion’ with Uttarakhand BJP suspending him for three months for giving life threat to a journalist recently in New Delhi. Champion constantly remains in news for the wrong reasons. A few months back, the Khanpur MLA created an embarrassing situation for the BJP by launching a high voltage verbal fight with own party member and Jhabreda MLA Deshraj Karanwal.

Informing about the action through a press release, the Uttarakhand BJP states, “Legislator Kunwar Pranab Singh Champion has been suspended from the primary membership of the party for misbehaviour against a journalist and also for indiscipline. Uttarakhand BJP president Ajay Bhatt took this decision after the primary inquiry into different incidents.”

Kunwar Pranab Singh ‘Champion’ is barred from attending any meeting of Uttarakhand BJP and also any meeting of the BJP legislators. Champion recently created an ugly scene in New Delhi when he lost his temper and threatened a TV news journalist. The Khanpur MLA came close to manhandling the journalist and even threatened to shoot him down. He withdrew only after realizing that the cameraman was filming him.

In March/April this year, Kunwar Pranab Singh Champion was engaged in a verbal spat with Deshraj Karanwal. The dispute took an ugly turn with Champion challenging Karanwal for a wrestling fight in Roorkee. The Khanpur MLA had even raised questions about the caste certificate of Deshraj and termed it bogus. The BJP is conducting an inquiry into the case.

Accepting the decision, Kunwar Pranab Singh Champion said that the party is like a mother but the action was one-sided and he will present his clarification on controversy to party officials.