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Uttar Pradesh must get rid of SCAM, says PM Modi

SNS | New Delhi |

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday lambasted the Samajwadi, the Congress party, CM Akhilesh Yadav and former Uttar Pradesh CM Mayawati and said Uttar Pradesh must get rid of SCAM — Samajwadi Congress Akhilesh Mayawati.

“This is BJP's fight against SCAM-Samajwadi Congress Akhilesh Mayawati and Uttar Pradesh must get rid of it," Modi said, addressing an election rally in Meerut.

He said that the development works in the state get stalled if the state government creates obstacles.

“If we've a state government that creates obstacles, then the development work will get stalled in Lucknow,” he said.

Saying that the time has come to fight against mafia and goons, Modi hoped that this time UP should become a model state in the country.

“This time the fight is against the mafia, goons and those committing crime against our sisters and mothers,” he said and added that time has come to make Uttar Pradesh, India's top state.

Aiming to eradicate poverty from the state, Modi said,”First war of Independence began here in Meerut in 1857. That time the fight was against British, but now the fight is against poverty.”

Modi said despite Uttar Pradesh having so much potential for development, youth from the state were still being forced to look for employment opportunities in other states of the country

He will be addressing one more rally in Aligarh on February 5 as part of his campaign plan before the February 11 polling in the first phase.