Taking a jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his passionate followers on social media who never miss a chance to attack him, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday said that unlike the PM, he was a human and makes mistakes.

In a tweet, the Gandhi scion said: “For all my BJP friends: unlike Narendrabhai, I am human. We do make the odd mistake and that’s what makes life interesting.”

However, he welcomed the criticism and stressed that it helps him to improve.

“Thanks for pointing it out and please do keep it coming, it really helps me improve. Love you all,” he said.

In a tweet posted on Tuesday wherein he attacked PM Modi, the soon-to-be Congress president posted data with wrong percentage numbers in it. He later deleted that tweet and posted a new one after fixing the numbers.

As was expected, BJP supporters had a field day and mocked Rahul Gandhi even after the Congress leader corrected his mistake.

Posting screenshots of the erroneous tweet, the right-wing brigade ridiculed Rahul for his poor mathematics and some of them even adviced him to take some lessons from Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.