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LONDON, 21 SEPT: Yoga guru Ramdev was today cleared by UK authorities following a second round of questioning at Heathrow Airport here, a day after he was detained and quizzed by customs officials for over six hours on landing in Britain.
Though UK immigration cleared Ramdev and allowed him to carry on with his programmes in Britain, the yoga guru said he was not given any reason for his detention yesterday. According to sources, his questioning by airport officials was related to him travelling on a visitor’s visa instead of a business one.
Ramdev arrived at Heathrow Airport this evening with British Indian MP Keith Vaz to meet the chief immigration officer. The immigration officer later gave Ramdev leave to enter the UK lawfully and carry on with his programmes.
Emerging from the nearly 20-minute meeting, Ramdev claimed the Indian government may have had a hand in his detention. “I’m sad to say that our government did not support us. I’ll wait for all the details but what happened indicates that the UK authorities may have been misguided by the Indian government. I believe a red alert was attached to my name,” Ramdev said.
Earlier, the yoga guru told reporters he had “never done anything unethical or wrong”. He said: “I have been travelling to the UK and the USA for eight years and I have never been treated the way I have been treated this time…Since yesterday, I have been asking the UK officials to tell me what my fault is.”
He is in Britain to chair a series of ‘yoga shivirs’ and talks organised by the Patanjali Yog Peeth (UK) Trust. The UK Home Office refused to comment on what it described as an individual&’s questioning over immigration issues.