Dehradun, 6 December
The Uttarakhand government has been forced to make an U-turn from its previous decision of providing  pre-fabricated houses to residents of the disaster-hit areas, as it reportedly got feeble response from the public.
Chief Minister Vijay Bahuguna has announced that the state government will not construct pre-fabricated houses for the disaster-affected people.
The CM said that the state government has already given the victim families the first rehabilitation installment of Rs 2 lakh for construction of a new house and will give Rs 5 lakh more. They are also being given a monthly sum of Rs 3,000 to meet rental expenses till February, 2014.
The government had decided to provide a pre fabricated house with two rooms, a kitchen and a wash room to those whose homes were completely destroyed.
About 2,500 such families were shortlisted. But the state government had made it optional for them. The government provided them the choice of either the pre fabricated house or a sum of Rs 7 lakh for constructing a new house on their own.
Contrary to the expectations of the government, it hardly got any response to the pre fabricated house as most of the victim families were in favour of the cash option. A source close to the government said that the people were not convinced of the quality and life of the prefabricated houses.
This is also taken as the failure of the government in convincing the people to opt for these and to communicate to them the utility of the prefabricated houses.