Amidst the controversy surrounding Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Ram Madhav’s tweet attacking Vice President Hamid Ansari and criticising him for his absence from the Yoga Day event at the Rajpath in the national capital on June 21, many, including veteran journalist Swati Chaturvedi and columnist Tehseen Poonawalla, took to Twitter, expressing strong support to the vice president, using the hastag- #IStandWithHamidAnsari.

Columnist Tehseen Poonawalla tweeted: "Hv had a conversation with VP on spirituality ,religion &yoga. He has more knowledge than all BJP/RSS put together. #IStandWithHamidAnsari."

Freedom Fighterz tweeted: "Ram Madhav’s "Hate’Asana" needs a "Sorry’Asana", Rather than a "Delete’Asana" #IStandWithHamidAnsari."

Musafir tweeted: "Communal problems are arising on daily basis in country Is this what we call #AccheDin #IStandWithHamidAnsari."

Deepali tweeted: "Its now proved dt @BJP4India will remain communal.Its leaders only uttered #Jumla to fool the people. @rammadhavbjp #IStandWithHamidAnsari."

Swati Chaturvedi tweeted: "Poor Mr Modi every time he try’s to do India proud on the world stage he’s thrown under the bus by his own bigots #IStandWithHamidAnsari." 

Former Diplomat KC Singh tweeted: "#IStandWithHamidAnsari What worsens error is that it isn’t a loose cannon from BJP’s Rt flank but Ram Madhav, prima donna linking BJP/RSS." 

Madhav on Sunday tweeted: "Two questions. Did RS TV dat runs on tax payers money completely black out Yoga Day event? While President participated d VP gave a miss (sic)."

Many others countered his allegation by posting screen shots of the event.

"I am informed dat d VP was unwell. I withdrew my tweet. My apologies because d institution of VP deserves respect (sic)," Madhav wrote in another tweet.

The BJP leader later subsequently deleted the tweets after Twitterati started attacking him using the hashtag #IStandWithHamidAnsari.

The vice president’s office later confirmed that Ansari was not invited for the event.