As the craze for online games and social media applications continue to grip teenagers and youth, the Goa government seems to dissuade its youngsters from the vice that is internet.

On Monday Chief Minister Pramod Sawant told the Goa legislative Assembly that his government has taken steps to discourage the use of mobile app TikTok and online game PUBG among students.

Replying to a question from Conrgess MLA Ravi Naik during the ongoing Monsoon session, Sawant, quoted a circular issued by the state Director of Education Nagaraj Honnekeri.  In a circular issued to the heads of educational institutions, the department said “the action in time may be of great help in saving some lives.” The directions were issued following recommendations of the Goa State Commission for Protection of Child Rights.

The circular says that awareness needs to be created among parents and guardians about the social media apps in the interest of safety and security of students.

“…awareness needs to be be created among the parents, guardians and the children in not to download or use Tik Tok app and PUBG game. The app and the game create the issue of safety and security of children in the state of Goa,” the circular reads, adding that preventive measures may be of “great help in saving lives.”

The circular also asked schools to call a meeting of Parents Teachers Associations to create awareness and “not to download or use Tik Tok app and PUBG game.”

This is not the first time that the social media app TikTok has come under the scanner. In April this year Madras High Court had banned the app saying that the app encouraged pornographic content and was dangerous for children. The ban was later lifted after the matter went to Supreme Court.