"In terms of trade and investment, we will be looking at how we can work through a range of impediments to enhance US-India commercial ties.

"We always advocate for greater US exports to India…We believe there’s enormous potential in this relationship, even as it already supports a significant amount of economic growth and job creation in both the countries. So, we’ll work through a range of trade and investment-related issues on the agenda," Rhodes said.

He said that US has maintained an important defense relationship with India and the two nations cooperate on counter-terrorism issues. "The two leaders will have an opportunity to review these issues together," he said.

Rhodes said engagement of countries like India in achieving stability and prosperity in Afghanistan will be essential.

"Iran would be another key area of discussion between the two countries," he said adding that India has been an important element of the international effort with respect to Iran.

"We will be able to discuss the status of the Iran nuclear negotiations. India has cooperated with us in the enforcement of our sanctions regime, which continues to put a significant amount of pressure on the Iranian government and economy," he said.

Rhodes said the two leaders will discuss the issues concerning the Asia-Pacific and how the two countries could enhance their cooperation in the "critical" region.