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Telangana Industry Minister questions reduction in corporate taxes

 The Telengana Minister accused the Centre of safeguarding the interest of the corporates and said that these won’t help the common people at all. He said once the Centre scraps its cess, the petrol and diesel prices would go down. 

SNS | Hyderabad |


Telangana Industry Minister, and BRS working president, KT Rama Rao, said that instead of using the imported Russian crude oil to reduce fuel prices in the country, the Modi government at the Centre has reduced taxes paid by private companies on importing crude oil.

His statement has come after Union Minister, Hardeep Singh Puri, alleged that if the VAT imposed by the Telangana government was reduced, it will lower fuel prices for consumers in the state. He had named other non BJP states as well.

Rao had responded to the allegations of the Union Minister and said the State Government had not increased VAT since 2014 and demanded that the Centre should scrap its cess, which would bring down petrol prices by Rs 70 and diesel prices by Rs 60.

The minister questioned the Centre’s permission for the corporates to export the Russian oil after refining. “Ordinary Indian citizens did not benefit from it. Who is getting the profits of the country?” asked Rao.

Rao observed that Rs 35,000 crore was saved by importing crude oil from Russia at a discounted price and only 2 or 3 companies benefited since it was exported to other countries.

“The Central government did not reduce the prices of petrol but it brought down the taxes paid by corporate companies. This clearly shows that the corporate companies are the top priority for the Centre,” said Rao.

Meanwhile, BRS leader and State Finance Minister, T Harish Rao, slammed BJP national president, JP Nadda, for criticising the state government led by, K Chandrasekhar Rao, at the recent public rally in Karimnagar.

Harish Rao, took a dig at Nadda for failing to win even his home State, Himachal Pradesh, in the recent Assembly elections. He said that the BJP should give a financial package to Telangana, similar to Gujarat, if it wants to win the state instead of relying on filing cases and attacking people.

Outlining the financial woes and hurdles, created by the Centre, he alleged that the BJP leaders were biased against Telangana and conspiring to trouble the people of the state.