Terming the talks offer of Hurriyat Conference as farce, the state Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) said on Tuesday that the fight against terrorism in Kashmir is at a decisive stage and there can’t be let off at any cost.

BJP’s chief spokesman, Sunil Sethi, in a statement said; “It’s after many sacrifices by armed forces and innocent citizens that we have reached the threshold of finishing militancy in the state once for all and such historical opportunities can’t be wasted on some motivated offers”.

Sethi said that only after finishing militancy firmly there can be a scope of any talks on improving law and order situation in the state. Otherwise, the tactical advantage the security forces have gained today will be compromised. That apparently is notice of such offers to create speed breakers in efforts to finish militancy but the history of such like offers is the testimony of deceits and maladies of vested elements in the state.

Sethi said that before even thinking of expecting the centre to initiate talks it should be publically admitted by Hurriyat Conference that Jammu and Kashmir is an undisputed part of India and that Pakistan is in illegal occupation of a part of the state which is required to be surrendered by Pakistan. Any talks, when the right occasion will arise, will be confined within the ambit and scope of the Constitution of India.

He further appreciated the untiring efforts by the security forces including state police to flush out militancy from the state and said that there is an urgent need of rectifying the historical errors by restoring right Constitutional parameters in the state to obviate any discussion on separatism. Enemies of the nation sitting outside the borders and their stooges sitting inside the borders both political as well as separatists are required to be exposed who have “looted general public for filling their coffers and running family Raj in the state”.