Despite the current low in India-Pakistan relations, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj is continuing with her policy of helping Pakistani nationals who need visas to visit India for medical treatment.

On Thursday, she granted visa to five Pakistani children, including a 10-month-old baby, for medical treatment in India.

“There is a request for medical visa from some Pakistani children – Muhammad Ahmad (10 months), Abuzar (7 years), Mohit (7 years), Zainab Shahzadi (8 years) and Muhammad Zain Aslam (9 years).

We grant visa for all these Pakistani children for their treatment in India,” Swaraj tweeted. She also announced accepting request for medical visa of two other Pakistani nationals.

“Pakistani nationals Altaf Hussain and Amir Raza have also requested for medical visa. On the recommendation of Indian High Commission in Pakistan, we accept their requests too,” Swaraj tweeted.

“I have received the report from Indian High Commission in Pakistan. We will issue visa for your father Haji Ashique Hussain for his liver transplant surgery in India immediately and pray for his early recovery,” she added.

Early this year, India had decided against issuing medical visa to Pakistani nationals without a letter of recommendation from the Pakistan Foreign Ministry.

However, Swaraj amended the decision on the eve of Diwali after a torrent of requests from the relatives of Pakistani patients needing treatment in India.

In a major humanitarian move, she announced that India would grant medical visas “in all deserving cases” to those desperately ill Pakistanis needing urgent treatment in India.