statesman news service
Chandigarh, 22 July
The Punjab government today announced one per cent reservation for students affected by Cancer and AIDS in admissions to technical education institutions, engineering colleges, polytechnic institutes and ITIs in the state.
The decision would be implemented from the current academic session, the technical education minister, Mr Anil Joshi said.
He said the Punjab government has taken the decision to provide equal opportunities to students affected by Cancer and AIDS as well as to prevent them from developing an inferiority complex.
To get the benefit of reservation, candidates have to produce the Cancer and AIDS related medical documents at the time of admission, Mr Joshi said.
He said that private technical institutions have been urged to come forward to help such students and provide them with all kinds of benefits that may be
Any case of discrimination with the students affected with cancer or AIDS in any institution would not be tolerated, the minister, Mr Anil Joshi said.