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Some in opposition not able to digest Modi’s popularity: Venkaiah

PTI | Bengaluru |

Terming the demonetisation move as a “war” on
corruption and black money, Union Minister M Venkaiah Naidu on Friday said some
people are opposing it because of their inability to digest Prime Minister
Narendra Modi’s popularity.

He hit out at the opposition for not allowing Parliament to
function and ruled out any possibility of a rollback of demonetisation.

“Different parties are taking different stands. I’m happy
that Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik
and Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu and others have come out in
support of this decision, but some people are not able to digest it,”
Naidu said.

Speaking at an event organised by BJP, he said, “They have
this indigestion problem from beginning itself. From day one you (people) gave
mandate to Modi…They are not able to digest it.”

Naidu said some people are not able to accept Modi as Prime
Minister and his growing popularity and started the “drama” of award

“Intolerant are those people who are intolerant toward the
victory of Modi. They are not able to digest it. That is why yesterday they
compared Modi to Hitler, Mussolini and Gaddafi.

Look at their anger because he defeated them, brought out what is
beneath their bed,” he said.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Benerjee and her Delhi
counterpart Arvind Kejriwal were opposing demonetisation just for the sake of
politics, the Union minister said.

He listed prominent economists, personalities and international
organisations who have spoken in favour of the move and said those trying to
create confusion among people “will be disappointed after a week or

“They will be disappointed because there are queues and
queues are shown by TVs, the moment these queues disappear, these people will
also disappear,” he added.

On disruption of Parliament over demonetisation, Naidu said the
opposition, which started the discussion on the issue in Rajya Sabha, is now
trying to shy away after coming to know that they are in a fix as their
arguments are proving to be hollow.

“It is like after marriage one is complaining about
problems with stars or zodiac sign,” he said.

Modi has come before the country with a massive social
mobilisation which impacts every countryman’s life for a better tomorrow. At
this juncture, every political party has to choose whether they are with the
people’s and government decision against black marketers, hoarders, arms
smugglers and those running counterfeit, he said.

“There is no question of a roll back at any cost. Narendra Modi
is the last man…he will never go back on his decision,” Naidu said.

“He (PM) is ready to take suggestion. We expected
Parliament to function smoothly and (opposition to) give ideas, suggestions for
improvement with regard to problems faced by people, but they have disappointed
us,” he said.

Naidu said the government has taken the decision of
demonetisation, keeping the national interest in mind and it is a
“war” on corruption and black money.

“It is a war on corruption and black money. I know that I’m
using the word, I know the meaning also,” he said.

The Union minister said that in India, black money has become
the biggest menace because there is almost a parallel economy in the country.

“This is a war because our neighbour Pakistan is aiding,
abetting, funding, training terrorists. They want to cripple the economy of
India. They want to subvert the system. T/hat is why they are printing
counterfeit notes and circulating them in the country, causing a huge loss to
the country,” he said.

The Centre did not want to harass any party or section. It was
also not done keeping the Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls in mind, Naidu said.

He said the biggest beneficiary of this programme will be the
poor, middle class and honest taxpayers of India.