Amid reports of Prakash Karat terming Modi government as "authoritarian" and not "fascist" as described by some Left leaders, CPI-M leader Sitaram Yechury on Thursday said situation in India was not "fascist" of a variety as seen in Germany in 1930s, but claimed it can be so "if allowed to grow".

Yechury, during a talk on "Is the Left in India Dying?" here, pitched for curbing the situation from becoming "fascist" allegedly under the NDA government "for the sake of India".

Listing a range of issues grappling India, the CPI-M General Secretary said present situation in the country is such that Left has become "more relevant" and is "crucial" for the country’s future.

"The issue (of authoritarian or fascist nature of government) has been settled within party. As far as fascism is concerned, we are clear…what we have today in India is not fascism of a variety which was seen in Germany in 1930s.

"But if the situation is allowed to progress (in India), it can lead up to that. The point is to stop that for the sake of India," he said.

Karat, who is seen within CPI-M as opposed to idea of having an alliance with Congress as against Yechury who is perceived as open to such understanding, had made the remark in an article in an English daily recently.

Replying to a question on CPI-M’s alliance with Congress (during West Bengal polls), Yechury said "It is not a question of alliances. What we are saying is there should be unity of forces which today are ready to preserve the secular, democratic Constitutional values of our country".

He further said that the relevance of Left should not be measured "only by its electoral presence" as he sought to underscore it’s role amid challenges faced by the country.

He claimed the country’s economy was in bad shape with index of industrial production plunging and agrarian crisis deepening.

Yechury noted farmers committed suicides, mainly because they are unable to clear debts at a time "when lakhs of crore rupee loans taken by Indian corporates" is waived off.

He also stated that "relentless" rise in inflation has put "greater" burden on people.

He noted that current unrest in Kashmir as "threat" to country’s unity, while expressed concerns over the government "virtually suspending" talks with Pakistan.

The leader also attacked Modi government’s foreign policy towards US, contended New Delhi deciding to sign Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement with Washington makes India it’s "junior" partner while it will strain ties with neighbour China.

The agreement, therefore, Yechury said, is not in the interest of India. "To put it in a nutshell, the situation before the country is such that the relevance of the Left is increasing and it will increase further.

"So, it is far from dying. The Left is crucial for the future of India…to make it better," he added.