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Singer Sona Mohapatra seeks Mumbai Police help after receiving ‘threats’ from Madariya Sufi Foundation

SNS | New Delhi |


Singer Sona Mohapatra on Monday alleged that she has received a threat notice from Madariya Sufi Foundation for her latest music video ‘Tori Surat’. According to the singer, the Foundation has termed the video of the song Tori Surat as ‘vulgar’.

The Bollywood singer, seeking help of Mumbai police, took to Twitter and in a series of tweets claimed that the foundation has demanded the video to be taken down from all platforms as it is vulgar and will flare communal tension.

Addressing Mumbai Police, Sona tweeted, “Dear Mumbai Police. I have received a threatening notice from the Madariya Sufi Foundation to remove my music video Tori Surat from all communication mediums. They claim that the video is vulgar, will flare communal tensions. I need to know whom to write in my response to at your end.”

In another tweet, she wrote, “The Madariya Sufi  Foundation has also called me a ‘regular offender’ & says that they find another five-year-old video of me singing a Sufiana Kalam – Piya Se Naina on Coke Studio insulting Islam because I’m ‘dressed exposing my body’ & playing westernised music.”

Mumbai Police replied to Sona and tweeted that they are following the matter on priority.

Later, in a Facebook post, Sona slammed the Foundation by raising two questions.

She wrote, “I want to ask the Madariya Sufi Foundation, Chistiya Sufi Brotherhood & custodians at Nizamuddin Auliya Dargah Sharif these very simple but critical questions: 1) Are men & women equal in your eyes? 2) Why are women not allowed to sing inside your Dargahs like the men?”

The song Tori Surat, written by Ameer Khusrau, has been sung by Sona as a part of her latest album Lal Pari Mastani.