The Muzaffarnagar Police have arrested a father and son duo on the charges of killing a young RSS activist in the Karwara village of Titawai police station of the district within 24 hours of the murder.

The father and son, while admitting to committing the crime, said that they killed the RSS worker because he used to stalk and harass his daughter for a long time.

Deceased RSS activist Pankaj, 23, was a student of BA first year at Swami Kalyandev Degree College of Baghra and hailed from Village Karwar of the Titawai area.

Lauding the Titawai police for solving the case within 24 hours, SSP Muzaffarnagar Abhishek Yadav confirmed that the father and son admitted to the murder during interrogation. In their statement to the police, the accused said that Pankaj was stalking their daughter hence they killed him.

The police have recovered Pankaj’s body from the jungles of Village Harsauli. On Friday evening, Pankaj had to go to Village Baghra so he took a lift from Sonu of Kapsad village on his motorcycle. Meanwhile, he received a call on his mobile after which he asked Sonu to leave him there saying that he would return later.

But when he didn`t return home the concerned family members reported the matter to Titawai police late Friday night and a complaint of missing was lodged.

The Police immediately swung into action and during their investigation, they found bloodstains and some other clues at the spot where Sonu had left Pankaj. Working on the basis of these they recovered the dead body of Pankaj in the jungles of Village Harsauli and later arrested the father and son.