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LUCKNOW, 27 JUNE: In the run up to the Lok Sabha polls 2014, BJP national president Rajnath Singh has taken the Congress head on. He said the Congress was trying to change its agenda by diverting the attention of the people from its failures to a debate between secularism and communalism.
He said the divide and rule policy of the Britishers practiced by the Congress over the past five decades had strengthened sectarian tensions. This was in stark contrast to the BJPs ‘justice to all, appeasement to none’ stance and its agenda of ensuring that India remains undivided, supreme and turns into an economic super power .
Addressing a press conference today, the president appealed to all political parties to unite and make the country “Congress mukt***”(free of the Congress rule). He specifically mentioned the Samajwadi Party and the Bahujan Samaj Party which on account of their own compulsions were supporting the Congress led UPA government at the Centre. Slamming the Congress for its vote bank politics based on appeasement, Mr Rajnath Singh said in its 51 years of rule, the party could not ensure communal harmony. Mahatma Gandhi was aware of this failure of the Congress and had therefore suggested that the Congress should be dissolved after the country had attained independence, he added.
Continuing with his tirade against the Congress, the BJP president said too many corruption ‘gates’ had been opened by the party. Included in them were the Coalgate, the spectrum gate and many more. The parameters of morality had nose dived to the extent that even officials of the PMO were being interrogated, he said.
Holding the Congress responsible for the present state of affairs in India, he said the UPA government, during its past nine years of rule, had failed miserably on all counts.  The Rupee had never hit such a low ever. What is more surprising is that despite the fall in the value of the rupee, export had not registered an increase. People with black money stashed abroad would be in a hurry to withdraw the same. The GOI had to be alert on the count and keep a tab on how much  money had come to the country from foreign banks, he said.
Mr Rajnath Singh (file photo) said the GDP growth rate of 8.4 per cent of the NDA regime had now plummeted to less than 5 per cent and there was no hope of its registering an increase as there was neither domestic nor foreign investment. The economy was staggering and the credibility of India as a market for investment had taken a severe beating, he said.
The BJP president also spoke about the discouraging fall in the job market, the rising rate of unemployment, the diplomatic failures of the UPA  government and the rise of Maoist activities in the country. He said the BJP will be with the government in its fight against any kind of terror activities.
Expressing confidence that the BJP will get at least 40 seats in Uttar Pradesh, he prevaricated all questions on the Gujarat riots by saying they were unprovoked as against the 1984 anti-Sikh riots. He said the Gujarat riots should be probed into. With regards the BJP’s new vision document for the Muslims, the president said his party always stood for ‘justice to all, appeasement to none’.