Condemning the use of language by Rahul Gandhi against it, RSS on Sunday said it exhibits the "undemocratic and intolerant mindset" of Congress and all well meaning forces should protest against it.

"The kind of language ‘not just defeating but smashing RSS’ by Rahul Gandhi exhibits the undemocratic and intolerant mindset of Congress. All democratic and well meaning forces should protest it.

"RSS condemns such undemocratic attitude, intemperate language and intolerant mind set of Congress party," head of RSS’ communication cell Manmohan Vaidya said in a statement.

He said the Congress and the Nehru family have carried this "hatred and intolerance" since Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s time and have not been able to arrest the growth of RSS or create a dent in its popularity.

"With all their political might Congress could not arrest the growth of RSS and dent its popularity. Now the support for RSS has increased multifold," he said.

Rahul Gandhi had on Saturday said that Congress will "not just defeat but smash the RSS". He termed the poll verdict on Sunday in Bihar as a defeat of the "divisive agenda of Narendra Modi, BJP and RSS".