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Rahul Gandhi hits out at PM Modi on unemployment, migrants issue at rally in Bihar

The Congress leader also attacked Prime Minister Modi on the three agricultural laws passed by the centre.

SNS | New Delhi |

Rahul Gandhi at a rally in Bihar’s West Champaran launched a scathing attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the lack of unemployment opportunities in Bihar.

He also highlighted the plight of migrant workers during the lockdown, the agricultural laws and demonetisation.

The Congress leader attacked Prime Minister Modi on the three agricultural laws passed by the centre. He said that usually using Dusshera effigies of Ravana are burnt but this time he was surprised to see Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s effigies getting burnt in Dussehra in Punjab.

He also said that it is sad  and should not happen as he is the Prime Minister of the country but that is how ‘Punjab farmers feel about him.’

Rahul Gandhi said, “When Prime Minister Narendra Modi came here last time he promised that a sugar factory will be set up here and he will have tea with you all. Do you remember? Did he have tea with you?”

Talking about the unemployment in Bihar, the Congress leader sharpened his attack on the NDA government and said that people from Bihar have to migrate to other cities in search of jobs as the state lacks employment opportunities.

“Why do Bihar people have to go to other states for jobs? Do our Bihar brothers and sisters lack in anything? No, your CM and PM lack,” Rahul Gandhi said.

“Now Prime Minister doesn’t say in speeches that he’ll give jobs to 2 crore youth. He knows he was lying and people also know it. I guarantee, if PM comes and says he’ll give 2 crore jobs, the crowd will chase him away,” he further added.

Rahul raised the issue of the plight of migrant workers who walked to there homes during the lockdown, he said that the Prime Minister had not made any arrangements for the workers. He said he spoke to these workers and the workers asked him ‘why didn’t the PM give us a few days to return home?’

Mr Gandhi attacked the Prime Minister on lockdown and demonetisation and said that the ‘aim was to destroy small businesses and farmers’ and benefit the industrialist and ‘waive the interest’ of them.

Stating that Tejashwi Yadav brings a new vision and wants to focus on jobs, Rahul said, “Congress gave direction to the country. We gave MNREGA, waived off farmers’ loans. We know how to run the country, stand with farmers and generate employment, but yes, we do lack one thing – we don’t know how to lie. We cannot compete with him (PM) at lying.”

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