Launching an attack on the former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister and Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) chief Mayawati, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi on Tuesday accused her of becoming an “unannounced spokesperson” of the BJP.

“As I said, some opposition leaders have become unannounced spokespersons of the BJP, which is beyond my comprehension,” she alleged.

“There is no point in standing with any political party at this time. Every Indian will have to stand with India, stand with the integrity of our land,” she added.

Priyanka Gandhi’s remarks came in the wake of Mayawati’s support for the ruling BJP on the China issue and sharp criticism of the Congress.

Mayawati remarked that her party was formed because of the Congress’s “failure to do anything” for neglected sections of people, who she claims to represent.

Priyanka Gandhi had on Monday claimed, “We have to build courage to fight against the government which has lost the land of the country.”

This allegation comes despite Prime Minister Narendra Modi assuring the nation that India has not ceded even an inch of land to China.