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Prabhu advocates tech solutions

Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu (PHOTO: FACEBOOK)

Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu on Wednesday advocated for the use of cutting edge technology in the transportation sector, stressing that technology is the solution to every problem.

“We need to modernise, upgrade our infrastructure and find technology solutions. All problems can be solved through technology. Right technology is the answer,” said Prabhu while inaugurating an event on the use of modern technology in railway signalling system here.

The public transporter has organised a workshop on adaption and sustainability of modern technologies in railway signalling with focus on skill development and Make in India.


Prabhu said there is a need to focus on safety as it is a much larger issue. “There is a need for upgradation of signalling and balancing it with safety. With safety, there is a greater need for upgradation of signalling. We have to identify new technology and also for training required to use it,” he said.

He said cutting-edge technology in communication can be used in the transportation sector. Adaptation of modern technologies like Centralised Traffic Control, Automatic Train Protection and Automatic Signalling provide low-cost solution for safety at higher speeds and throughout enhancement. “We should constantly develop, modernise (the system) and make it suitable for contemporary times,” Prabhu said.

For sustainability of technologies it is necessary that a framework is made for development of products in India and suitable skill development for its maintainability. He said railways can join hands with foreign countries for development and modernisation. “We can partner with top global companies and co-develop in India. But before it reaches the market a lot of things need to be done,” he said.