West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Friday claimed that a political party is trying to get her assassinated, adding that the party has even hired contract killers for the purpose.

“I have come to know that a conspiracy is on to kill me. A particular party has given supari (contract) to kill me. The people who are trying to kill me have also carried out recce of my house. Police has asked to me to change the house,” said the Trinamool Congress chief in an interview to Zee 24 Ghanta.

Saying that she was habituated with such conspiracies, Mamata Banerjee said she had survived murder attempts by a whisker in the past.

The 63-year-old Chief Minister said that she is prepared to face whatever the future holds for her and she has already written a will and named her successor.

“I have made a will stating who will run my party after my death. I have made all preparations. If I am killed, everything will function according to my will. So, those who are planning to kill me will not succeed in the long run,” Mamata said.

Without revealing the names of the political parties, the chief minister said she won’t say the name the parties out of courtesy, but “you can understand whom I am referring to.”

Slamming the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Congress, Mamata said that regional parties will have “important role” to play after 2019 general election.

“If the Congress and BJP think they are the only political parties which will remain in power all the time, then this is not done. Regional parties are there too. The Federal Front is very strong now. It is like a family where one listens to others,’’ she said.

Reacting to the Congress chief Rahul Gandhi’s aspiration if becoming the prime minister, Mamata said there was nothing wrong with Rahul Gandhi’s statement about becoming the PM if Congress wins the 2019 elections.