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PM Modi neither has his own family nor thinks of people as family: Mamata Banerjee at Cooch Behar

Slamming the PM at an election rally in Cooch Behar the Trinamool Congress chief said that her party believes that all religions are one family.

SNS | New Delhi |

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Monday said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi cannot understand the meaning of family as he does not have one of his own.

Slamming the PM at an election rally in Cooch Behar the Trinamool Congress chief said that while her party believes that all religions are one family, Modi cannot see it that way because he is from a mindset which does not understands the concept of familial bonding.

“All religions are the same. In India we have seen large families consisting of people from different religions staying together. But how will you (Modi) understand that? One is a person’s own family and the other is considering the people of the country as family. You have neither. Have you ever seen your family? Aar kauke na, nijer stree ke (No one else, your own wife)?” she said.

“These people who do not believe in family or nation are now showing patriotism and doing politics,” Banerjee added while addressing TMC supporters at Rashmela Maidan – the same ground where the PM spoke a day before.

Hitting out at the PM, Banerjee said that contrary to BJP’s allegations that people are unable to celebrate Durga Puja in some parts of the state, every religious festival happens in Bengal.

“These people who killed Gandhi, did not pay respect to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, did not participate in India’s freedom struggle – they will teach us patriotism?” Banerjee said.

Accusing the BJP-led Centre of not doing anything in the Sharada scam, the CM said that no one from the Left or Congress has been arrested even though “the scam happened during the Left front rule”.

She also took a jibe at the BJP over Rafale while stating that her party respects the forces.

“Did PM even give a single penny for West Bengal? The person who makes such big claims must see what he has contributed towards Bengal. He was busy in foreign tours for five years and now he saw the need to come here,” she said.

Before addressing the Cooch Behar rally, Banerjee addressed a rally in Nagraka where she said that the people would “seal Narendra Modi’s lips with leucoplast”.

“He would get the first prize for blabbering lies,” she added.

On Sunday, the PM launched a scathing attack on Banerjee in Cooch Behar over a host of issues including illegal immigration.

“The promise of ‘Ma Maati Maanush’ is on one hand and the truth of TMC on the other hand. For vote bank politics, Didi forgot ‘Ma’ and sided with those who raise slogans of ‘Bharat ke tukde tukde’. This is an insult to ‘Ma’,” the PM said as a mammoth gathering at Rashmela Maidan cheered.

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“Didi betrayed ‘Maati’ when she tried to protect infiltrators for her political benefit. When she handed over the people of West Bengal to goons of TMC, she shattered the hopes of ‘Maanush’,” he added.

Calling Banerjee the “speed-breaker” in Bengal’s progress, the PM said that “Didi has lost her sleep because she can feel the ground slipping beneath her feet”.