Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said to ensure a dirt-free India people must start a lsquo;Swachhagraharsquo; just like Gandhi ji began the lsquo;Satyagraharsquo; to end colonialism.

Speaking at the INDOSAN India Sanitation conference here Modi said: ldquo;Like there was Satyagraha to free us from colonialism today there has to be Swachhagraha to make India free from dirt.rdquo;

quot;I donrsquo;t think anybody likes dirt or surroundings that are dirty. But are we able to create the atmosphere towards cleanliness. Things like reuse and recycle…they have been a part of our habits for a long time. We need to make these more technology drivenrdquo; he said.

Modi further said only budget allocations can’t further cleanliness and that everyone will have to get involved.

ldquo;Even the idea of cleanliness is not a PM’s. People are doing so much across India. Children are increasingly conscious about issues regarding cleanliness. This shows the Swachhata Abhiyaan is touching people’s livesrdquo; he said.