India has slammed Pakistan for “spewing venom and false narratives” of monumental proportions in the United Nations, saying it “takes to hate speech like a fish takes to water”.

“Just like a fish takes to water, one delegation has again taken to hate speech. Every time this delegation speaks, it spews venom and false narratives of monumental proportions,” Deputy Permanent Representative of India to UN, Nagaraj Naidu said at the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly.

He further said that “instead of putting an end to the bellicose and vitriolic diatribe and taking steps to restore normal ties, the delegation indulges in confabulations and obfuscates the international community from the truth”.

“Pakistan’s practice of using false pretenses to distract from addressing malaise that afflicts it, has run its course, the Indian official said, adding that the neighbouring country “needs to reflect that there are no takers for its false rhetoric and should get down to normal business of diplomacy”.

Pakistan has been consistently raking up the Kashmir issue at various UN platforms in a bid to internationalise it but has repeatedly failed to get any support.

Pakistan faced an embarrassing setback last week as its efforts to raise the Jammu and Kashmir issue at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) through China, flopped, with none of the world body members commenting on the matter apart from Beijing.

The Kashmir issue was met with a pushback led by the other permanent members who said it was a bilateral issue and not a matter for them and thereby isolating Beijing in the 15-member body.

The UN Security Council had held a “closed-door” meeting last Wednesday night on Kashmir at the request of Pakistan’s all-weather ally China.

China had made a request to deliberate on the Kashmir issue under the agenda of “Any Other Business Points”.

The US, France, UK and Russia took a strong stand against the Council’s interference in the issue.

Following this, India slammed Pakistan for trying to internationalise the issue asserting that Islamabad needs to focus on the hard tasks it has to address in order to ensure normal relations with India.

India also lashed out Pakistan for attempting to “misuse” the UNSC platform to discuss Kashmir, which New Delhi regards as a bilateral matter.

Wednesday’s move by China was the third such attempt to raise the Kashmir issue in the UNSC since August last when the special status granted to Jammu and Kashmir under Article 370 of the Constitution was scrapped by the government, and the state was bifurcated into two union territories.