New Delhi, 4 October
There seems to be no let-up in the slugfest on the controversial Ordinance on convicted lawmakers and who should get the credit for stalling it. Veteran BJP leader L K Advani today credited President Pranab Mukherjee for it, while stating that Congress chief “Soniaji may have thought of doing some damage control using Rahul for the purpose”.
“It’s Pranabda, not Rahul, who saved the situation”, Mr Advani said in his blog, adding this episode would go down as “yet another ugly chapter in the unflattering history of the UPA Government”.
Mr Adavni slammed Rahul Gandhi for “rubbing off the authority” of the Prime Minister and the UPA with his strong words. “The victory that has come to the country by withdrawal of this illegal and immoral ordinance has thus been thanks only to the Rashtrapati, who has proved that UPA would err seriously if it assumed that like most other Congressmen who had earlier occupied the high office of President, he too would remain a rubber stamp President,” Mr Advani wrote. “The nonsense slur hurled at the Cabinet approved ordinance cannot apply only to the Prime Minister and his Ministers. Soniaji must also share responsibility.”
Mr Advani said Rahul did not give a single argument why he felt the Ordinance was wrong. “What was there in this outburst which the PM could possibly discuss with his Cabinet,” he asked. He said after the President got into the act, “it is then perhaps that Soniaji may have thought of doing some damage control using Rahul for the purpose”… It is obvious however, that no one advised him how precisely he was to carry out this task. The objective would have been fully served if Rahul had simply said that the decision taken by the government needs to be reviewed.”