National Conference vice-president Omar Abdullah on Thursday said that there was no doubt that the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) continue to be in a tactical alliance despite the saffron party’s withdrawal of support to the PDP.

Abdullah said that this became clear when two PDP MPs in the Rajya Sabha abstained from voting in the election of the Rajya Sabha deputy chairperson and by the “tragic” fact that the elaborate report on 35-A continues to gather dust on the Law Secretary’s tables for the last one year.

“There is a very elaborate and deep intrigue to assault the state’s Special Status. The elaborate and comprehensive 60-page report on Article 35-A has still not been submitted in the Supreme Court and the file continues to gather dust on the Law Secretary’s table,” said Abdullah.

“This proves beyond any doubt that PDP is a part of this intrigue and continues to facilitate this anti-J&K agenda from within the State. Had the National Conference not raised the grave issue of assaults on Article 35-A in the Legislative Assembly, PDP would have brazenly surrendered on the crucial issue for appeasing their allies”, the NC vice-president added.

Abdullah said that “it was the duty” of the Mehbooba Mufti government to submit the report on 35-A in the apex court.

“Her Government chose inaction and surrender bringing us to this present situation. PDP chose not to confront the BJP and its longstanding agenda to weaken the State’s special status”, Abdullah said.