A 55-year-old woman, suffering from a chronic renal disease, collapsed on the road and her body remained lying on the footpath for hours as the ambulance helpline service failed to respond to her husband’s repeated calls.

The couple, marginal farmers, hailing from Kasimpur village, had travelled to Pilibhit city, after the woman, Laungshree complained of unbearable pain on Friday.

“Since her condition was deteriorating, I brought her to the hospital but the doctor wrote out some medicines without even examining her. When I asked him to admit my wife, he said she would be fine with the medicines he had prescribed and sent us back,” said her husband Brijesh Kumar.

Laungshree finally died on the footpath near the hospital and her husband made repeated calls to the ambulance helpline service for help but got no response.

For nearly three hours after her death, Brijesh sat with his wife’s body on the road.

Adnan Khan, who works for an afternoon daily, was on his way home when he noticed Brijesh, who was sitting with his dead wife’s head in his lap, on the footpath near Naughwa bridge around 5 p.m. on Saturday.

“He was looking disturbed. When I asked him, he told me that his wife was suffering from a chronic renal disease and died for the want of medical attention. The elderly man said that he had made several calls to the ambulance service helpline, but in vain,” said Khan.

Khan then contacted the health department and the district administration for help, which finally came from police.

Sub-inspector Anchal Kumar, posted at the Sungadi police station, finally arranged an auto-rickshaw from his own pocket and sent the body to Kasimpur village.