Press Trust of India
Agra (UP), 13 September: As controversy continues over senior UP Minister Azam Khan keeping away from its Agra meet, Samajwadi Party today said no one can “blackmail” the party as nobody has the stature which SP supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav enjoys among the Muslim community SP National General Secretary Ramgopal Yadav said Muslims have a lot of faith in Mulayam Singh.
“No one can blackmail us ~ as no one has the stature, which Mulayam enjoys among Muslim community, which has undeterred faith in him”, he told PTI.
He was asked about Azam Khan keeping away form the two-day national executive meet of the party. Mr Khan had skipped the meet as he was reportedly unhappy with his own government’s handling of the riots that has claimed the lives of 40 persons.
Mr Ramgopal Yadav’s comments come a day after the SP supremo denied any rift with Mr Khan, the Samajwadi Party’s Muslim face, saying Mr Khan can never be “upset” with him.
Asked about some Muslim organisations demanding the resignation of UP government over the Muzaffarnagar violence, he said, “Organisations which are demanding the dismissal of Akhilesh Yadav government are professional ones ~ they can create a propaganda in media but not among the Muslims”.
On the stand take by Darul-uloom-Deoband, Mr Yadav said there were several groups there.
“There are several groups there, but the biggest one is with us,” he claimed.
When asked about the possibility of drift in Muslim vote bank in the wake of Muzaffarnagar violence, Ramgopal said SP never considered them as “votebank”.
“We never considered Muslims as a vote bank ~ their socio-economic condition is not good and SP has always tried to rake up their issues and tried to get them redressed. And this is what parties like BJP term it as Muslim appeasement”.
About BJP, the SP leader said that its traditional vote bank has drifted to other parties including SP due to which it was allegedly trying to flare communalise passion in the country with the sole objective of taking political mileage.
On Congress, Ramgopal said it never wanted SP to flourish and expand its base. Loss for SP is gain for Congress ~ They know it very well and its internal agenda is to damage our party”, he said.
On Muzaffarnagar violence, Mr Ramgopal Yadav said it was controlled within two days and the situation would normalise in the next four days.
Asked about BJP MLA Sangeet Som, who dared SP government to arrest him after his name figured in Muzaffarnagar violence, Mr Ramgopal Yadav said he need not to worry as he would not only be arrested but would find it difficult to come out of jail.
On complaints from the party cadre that bureaucrats did not pay heed to leaders, Mr Yadav said their “genuine” recommendations would be taken care of.
“Many a times our leaders make undue recommendations and officers do not pay heed to them after which they indulge in propaganda. If an officer does not give any undue favour, he is not wrong ~ Some ‘dalal-type’ party netas, who cannot get their work done are creating propaganda”, he said.
About the two-day national executive meet, Mr Ramgopal said party workers have been asked to ensure victory of declared nominees and warned strict action against those MLAs and office bearers, who were working against party candidates.
“Strict action will be taken against legislators and office bearers, who do not support party candidates and work against them”, he said.
He said the party’s objective was to form a non-BJP and non Congress government at the Centre and for that winning a maximum number of seats was a must.
About the number of seats the party is expecting in UP, Mr Ramgopal Yadav said he would be able to predict that only after other parties declare their candidates.