China today rejected the overwhelming evidence suggesting that the country was the source of coronavirus outbreak and sharply attacked US President Donald Trump, without directly naming him, for dubbing the pandemic as ‘Chinese Virus’` In a lengthy statement released by the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi, its spokesperson Ji Rong said, ”Although Wuhan city in China first reported the outbreak, there is no evidence that China is the source of the virus that caused COVID19. Chinese people are also victims of the virus.”

She asserted that China has neither created the virus nor intentionally transmitted it.

”The so-called Chinese Virus is absolutely wrong. It is irresponsible to waste precious time by saying China brought it and tried to deflect responsibility by discrediting others. Those people who are trying to stigmatise China’s efforts have ignored the huge sacrifices the Chinese people made in safeguarding the health and safety of all mankind, and vilified China’s significant contributions to global public health security.”

The spokesperson claimed that after the outbreak, the Chinese government, in an open, transparent and responsible manner, timely adopted the most comprehensive, rigorous and thorough measures to control the epidemic, provided updates to WHO and international community and shared experience in diagnosis and treatment.

Since 3 January, China has been regularly notifying WHO and relevant countries and regions about the outbreak.

On 12 January, China had already shared with WHO the genetic sequence of the novel coronavirus. The spokesperson said the origin of the novel coronavirus was a matter of science that required professional and scientific assessment.

Research by scientists from the United States, Europe, China and Japan as well as the WHO has shown that there was no certain conclusion as to the origin of COVID-19.

She said China and India have also maintained communication and cooperation and lent support to each other in coping with the epidemic through difficult times.

”We stand ready to provide further support and assistance to the best of our capability in light of the needs of the Indian side. We believe that the Indian people will win the battle at an early date.”