Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar has reacted angrily to “forcible quarantine” of IPS official Binay Tiwari who was sent to Mumbai to probe actor Sushant Singh Rajput suicide case as the continuing tussle between Maharashtra and Bihar deepened further today. The whole case has got a new twist after the actor’s father registered a case with the Patna Police last week in connection with the incident even as the Mumbai Police was already investigating the case.

“What happened with him (IPS official) is not right. He was only doing his duty. Our DGP will speak to the Maharashtra officials over the issue,” the chief minister told newsmen today. CM’s response came after Tiwari was put under 14-day quarantine by the Mumbai Police shortly after he had landed there to investigate the case.

What was further humiliating, Tiwari’s hand was stamped with quarantine instruction and was also not provided accommodation in the IPS mess. Bihar DGP Gupteshwar Pandey himself confirmed about such treatments meted to his officer in Mumbai. “IPS officer Binay Tiwari reached Mumbai today from Patna on official duty but he has been forcibly quarantined by BMC officials at 11 PM today. He was not provided accommodation in the IPS mess despite request and was staying in a guest house in Goregaw,” Pandey tweeted shortly past midnight on Sunday. He added that Tiwari can’t move anywhere now while he had been rushed to investigate the Sushant case.

As such, the “turf tussle” between the police forces of two states began right since a team of Bihar Police was rushed to Mumbai last week after a case had been registered with the Rajiv Nagar Police Station in Patna. TV footages have shown the Bihar Police team moving in an auto-rickshaw as it was not provided with an official vehicle by the Mumbai Police.

There are already reports of the Mumbai Police not cooperating with the Bihar Police team over providing important documents. The tussle took a curious turn when the Malvani Police in Mumbai expressed its inability to share the case file related to Disha Salian, Sushant’s ex-manager who committed suicide about a week before the actor ended his life. According to reports, the Malvani Police told the Bihar Police team that the case file had been accidentally deleted from their laptop. And when the Bihar Police team asked the Malvani Police if they could help retrieve the file from the laptop, the latter reportedly shot back, “Why do you want the file?”

Meanwhile, the actor’s suicide case figured prominently on the last day of the current Bihar assembly held outside the Bihar assembly building due to the corona panic. During the session held in a conference hall located near Patna Gandhi Maidan, BJP legislator and Sushant’s cousin Neeraj Bablu sought for a CBI inquiry into the case. He received the support from the opposition RJD which demanded that justice be delivered to the actor. The Congress party also supported the move.