A glimpse of the vital role played by Indian soldiers in the World War II is now available at the National Film Archives Of India (NFAI) which has acquired some rare footage of the war.

The footage, running into 30 hours and dealing with the Allies campaign against Germany and Italy, has been procured from the Armed Forces Film and Photo Division of the Ministry of Defence, NFAI director Prakash Magdum said here on Friday.

"The material was in U-matic and 35mm print format, which NFAI has recently digitised. This is an important acquisition for NFAI, as this rare footage would be safely preserved in NFAI vaults in ideal temperature and humidity conditions," Magdum said.

The NFAI, under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, is trying to rope in military historians and authors specialising in the WW-II studies for cataloguing the footage, he added.

"A day with Indian troops in Egypt", "From India to Tunis", "Johny Gurkha," "Madras Guards" are some of the titles which are part of the footage which also includes rare audio visual interactions involving Mahatma Gandhi, Muhammed Ali Jinnah and Vallabhbhai Patel.