In a twist to the controversy over BJP MLA’s daughter, Sakshi’s marriage to a Dalit youth, the priest of the Ram Janki temple denied solemnising the marriage.

The marriage certificate posted by the couple on the social media shows that the marriage was solemnized at the famous Ram Janki temple in Prayagraj on July 4.

In an interview to a news channel, the chief priest of the temple, Mahant Parshuram Singh, denied that he had solemnized the marriage and alleged that the certificate was fake.

According to IANS, sources close to the couple said that the priest was under pressure to deny the marriage.

Meanwhile, the Allahabad High Court has fixed July 15 for hearing of a petition filed by the couple who went into hiding, fearing threat to their lives form the BJP MLA Rajesh Misra and his henchmen.

After a shocking revelation by the Bareilly BJP MLA Rajesh Misra’s daughter that her father was after her life for marrying a Dalit youth Ajitesh Kumar, the woman on Thursday filed a petition in the Allahabad High Court, even as the Uttar Pradesh BJP legislator denied the accusation and said their age difference matters.

Sakshi moved the high court, seeking protection.

In her petition, Sakshi stated that she and her husband face threat to life from her father and other family members. She claimed to be a major (above 18 years of age) and said had married the man of her choice without any pressure.

The MLA, however, issued a statement saying that the allegations made by his daughter were “false”. In the written statement, he said that his daughter was an adult and well within her rights to take her own decisions.

The BJP MLA said that he was not against his daughter’s marriage to a Dalit youth, Ajitesh Kumar, but his main concern was the boy being nine years older to his daughter. “He does not earn much and as a father, I am naturally concerned about my daughter’s future. I want them to return home,” he said.

In a video that has gone viral, Sakshi was seen saying that because she married Ajitesh against the wishes of her family in a temple, she faces threat to her life from her father.

“Honourable MLA Pappu Bhartaul ji and Vicky Bhartaul ji, please live and let us live in peace… I really am married, I am not wearing sindoor for fashion,” she says.

“Papa, you have sent your goons after me just like Rajiv Rana… I am tired… We are tired of hiding around and our life is in danger. Stop troubling Abhi and his relatives. I want to be happy and free,” she says in the video.

Meanwhile, Harish Kumar, father of Ajitesh Kumar, said that he had no knowledge of the whereabouts of the couple and added that he and his family have also left Bareilly, fearing a threat to their lives.

The BJP has remained tight-lipped on the controversial matter.