National Conference Provincial President Devender Singh Rana has said that regional autonomy to J&K’s three regions is the only way forward to assuage the political aspirations of the people and address the political dimensions of the state.

“Such a mechanism will provide a sense of political empowerment and end the apprehensions of discrimination among the people,” said Rana.

Rana said that regional autonomy, together with well-structured district councils, will end the sense of deprivation and ensure complete involvement of the people in decision making. He said the doctrine of regional autonomy provides a mechanism for the empowerment of sub-regions and administrative mechanism at the district level to take governance at the grass root level, on the analogy of Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Councils.

The concept of regional autonomy essentially aims at assuaging political, economic, developmental and psychological aspirations of the three regions of the state, he said, adding this will also be a counter to the machinations of dividing Jammu and Kashmir on regional and communal lines.

Rana said that myopic politics, based on hate and mistrust, has caused a huge dent to the time tested unity of the state and the time has come when people of different faiths and regions should take a lead in bridging the gap. For this, he called for inter-community and intrastate dialogue for promoting better understanding and harmony, saying that respecting each others’ sentiments is imperative for healthy societal growth.

He said that inter-community discourse will help in eschewing misgivings and strengthening the bonds between various segments of society. “We must take a lead and initiate this process at the grass root level by interacting with each other”, he added.