The core committee of the National Conference on Wednesday demanded that the Assembly that has been kept in suspended animation following fall of the PDP-BJP government should be dissolved to thwart attempts of horse-trading which aim to discredit aspirations of the people.

The core committee that met under chairmanship of the NC vice president Omar Abdullah following imposition of Governor’s rule in the state, reiterated the party’s stand that it would neither seek support nor offer support for government formation in the state.

Omar stressed the need for dialogue and zero tolerance towards human rights violations to restore peace in Kashmir.

Omar said that internal as well as external dialogue was imperative and the political issue in Kashmir as well as the ensuing crisis could not be resolved through operational and military means.

“There should be zero-tolerance for Human Rights Violations and the fundamental rights of the people should be upheld at all costs”.

The National Conference vice president said the foremost concern should be to provide relief to the people of the state through a reconciliation rather than confrontational approach and to work towards creating a peaceful, positive atmosphere in the state.

Omar said Mehbooba Mufti’s government would be remembered for its ruthless, anti-people legacy that fueled alienation in the Valley through its iron-fist approach to deal with widespread disenchantment and disillusionment that was stoked by PDP’s glaring ideological U-turns to remain in power.

Omar said PDP’s approach to deal with recurring crises in the Valley was an approach of denial, persecution and insensitivity evidenced by her silence on glaring human-rights violations where youth were used as human shields and mowed down by vehicles in stark contrast to the hollow rhetoric of the former Chief Minister.