With steep fines coming into effect after Motor Vehicles Amendment Act 2019 was passed by the Parliament, the Jharkhand government has given a three-month breather to its people from the stringent penalties imposed and said old penalties would be applicable for traffic rule violations till December.

The government has asked officials of the transport and traffic departments to raise awareness on the amended rules during this period. Chief Minister Raghubar Das, during a review meeting on Friday, directed the transport department to open facilitation centers across the state to enable people get their documents in order in the next three months, it said.

Das also urged people to abide by the traffic rules and refrain from rash driving, the statement added.

Gujarat, Uttarakhand and Karnataka governments have already decided to reduce penalties for traffic violations under the Act. In Uttarakhand, penalties for several offences under the revised act are being reduced by half, however it has been decided not to relax fines for driving without wearing helmets, speeding or tripling on two wheelers, state government spokesman Madan Kaushik told reporters after the Cabinet meeting late on Wednesday evening.

The West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has already called the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, 2019 “very harsh” and has decided not to implement it in Bengal. “We are not implementing the Motor Vehicles (MV) Act, which was passed recently in the Parliament, at present in West Bengal because it is very harsh. Of course we are going for a “Safe Drive Save Life” campaign,” the Trinamool Congress leader told journalists at the State Secretariat.