Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Sunday criticised leader of opposition Mukesh Agnihotri for terming Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s foreign tours as globetrotting and said the visits are aimed at attracting foreign investment and improving relations with other countries of the world.

State BJP spokesperson Shashi Dutt Sharma said Congress leaders shouldn’t make such derogatory statements about PM Modi who was working hard to improve the image of the country at international level.

“PM Modi doesn’t visit foreign countries for the sake of his personal enjoyment but for attracting investment from these countries and also for agreements on strategic issues,” he said.

Sharma said it was due to the efforts of the PM Modi that India’s relations with SAARC nations has improved in the last four years and he had ensured development of the country along with maintaining good relations with these countries.

He said under Modi government was following balanced approach in the foreign policy and it was the result of this policy that India is emerging global superpower. “In fact, the foreign policy had led Non-Resident Indian (NRI) again connecting with their home country, an issue which was ignored during previous Congress led UPA regime,” he said.

Sharma said the inflation was under control in BJP led NDA regime and there had been a significant improvement in the socio-economic scenario of common man.

And it had resulted in the Congress leaders raking up non-issue just for the sake of it, he said.

Lashing at Agnihotri over the issue of corruption, he asked the Congress leader to look into scams committed during UPA regime in which many Congress leaders are behind the bars.

He said Modi had special affection for Himachal Pradesh during which Union government has provided several developmental projects to the state such as AIIMS, Satellite Centre of PGI, IIIT and 69 National Highways.

But Congress couldn’t see beyond electoral politics and it was due to this that they aren’t able to appreciate such steps, he added.