Observing that urgent reforms in the UN was essential, experts on Tuesday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s aggressive foreign policy can play a key role towards realising India’s quest for a permanent seat in the Security Council.

"There can be no alternative to the UN, the world cannot be imagined without it. It’s the UN which ensures even the smallest of nations have a voice. But at the same time, the need for reforming the UN, especially expanding the Security Council is imminent," Sitaram Sharma said.

Sharma, the chairman of West Bengal Federation of United Nations Associations (WEBFUNA), alongside German Consul General Olaf Iversen and other eminent people participated in a symposium on "United Nations needs to be reformed".

"Reform is something that is always resisted, particularly, by those in power. Obviously expanding the UNSC is a very complicated issue involving many a delicate matters particularly the veto power.

"At the same time, new powers, including India is emerging and of the permanent five, France and the UK are no more powerful. So a change is inevitable.

"Modi’s aggressive foreign policy and the active persuasion of the UNSC permanent seat issue will certainly make India realise its dream," added Sharma.

Former foreign secretary Krishnan Srinivasan too lauded Modi’s foreign policy.

"Undoubtedly, Modi’s aggressive foreign policy has raised India’s image internationally and to that extent, it can help India in her quest for permanent seat in the UNSC," said Srinivasan.

Batting for reforms in the UN, Srinivasan said expansion of the Security Council by introducing new permanent members was essential to energise the organisation which has failed in some respect to keep up with the contemporary world.

Advocating Germany’s inclusion in the UNSC permanent membership, Iversen said the issue ‘diluting the veto power’ has been the major roadblock in the expansion in the ‘permanent five’.