Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on Saturday slammed the Centre’s approach towards health, saying the Modi regime is only concerned about private hospitals and not government ones.

“There is a view among the people that the Indian government healthcare system can be run by private hospitals. For a country like India where you have poor people, you simply cannot do away with public hospitals,” said Gandhi in a recorded video message.

Gandhi said the government is not spending the money required for boosting the public healthcare system.

“Every time I have been there is because of encephalitis problems among patients. I categorically told Prime Minister Narendra Modi that there is a problem in the hospital. Everybody was complaining — doctors and patients and all,” said Gandhi, referring to the BRD Hospital in Gorakhpur where over 60 children died in five days.

He said the UPA regime had always focused on increasing the amount of money for health care.

“We pushed as hard as we could to improve the public health care system. But the current government simply does not care about it,” said Gandhi.