The NDA government only raises slogans, make announcements and hold events but do nothing for the people of the country, particularly farmers, Congress leader Prithviraj Chavan alleged.

"The Narendra Modi government has failed on all fronts. It has failed to fulfill the expectations of people who gave them such a huge mandate," the former Chief Minister of Maharashtra who was here as part of the Congress’s all-out counter offensive on the government, said.

He said the BJP had raised the expectations of the people and was handed a huge mandate, but after remaining two years in power, the government has failed in addressing the issues of the people.

"This government came with a lot of expectations and such a huge mandate to a single political party was given after a long time. We had faced issues due to being in coalition but we thought the people will really benefit from this government," he said.

"Essentially the government is done with half of its tenure and has failed in addressing the problems of the people. They are trying to divide the people and the Prime Minister has remained silent on the statements of some RSS and other leaders. This government should go," Chavan said.

The Congress leader claimed that government is anti-farmer and anti-youth and has thrived only on advertisements and announcements.

"They only raise slogans, make announcements and hold events. They have done nothing for the farmers of the country or the youth. This government is anti-farmer, anti-youth and has failed to fulfill its promise of creating two crore jobs per year," he said.

Chavan said during elections, Modi attended 42 election meetings in Maharashtra, but has not visited the state a single time to assess the prevailing drought situation.

The government has no plan to fight drought. The farmer suicides have broken all records. The states had sought a financial assistance of Rs 41000 crore for drought, but Modi has released only Rs 11000 crore, he claimed.

Modi promised everything for the flood victims in Jammu and Kashmir, but he did not keep his promises, the Congress leader said.

He said the government has not only failed to bring black money back, but also allowed those creating the black money to go scot free. "They allowed Lalit Modi and Vijay Mallya to leave the country." 

"They also made schemes in the budget to turn black money into white. You have not investigated Panama leaks, but made Amitabh Bachchan a brand ambassador. What message are you giving to the investigating agencies?" he asked.

Chavan said the biggest achievement of Modi government was that the Prime Minister had visited 50-55 countries in these two years and met 70 world leaders.

He also demanded the twin capital cities of the state Srinagar and Jammu to be included in the smart cities project.

On the issues of establishing Sainik Colony and Pandit Colonies in the state, Chavan said Congress will react after the state government comes out with a clear plan.