One of the most notable achievements of the Narendra Modi government is that it has ended several dilemmas about governance, BJP President Amit Shah said here on Wednesday.

"This government has ended several dilemmas about governance which used to exist earlier such as should industry be given priority or agriculture? Should government focus on rural development or urban development, should it take up reforms or should it focus on welfare?" Shah said while releasing a coffee table book on the life of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

"But the Narendra Modi government has shown that both industry and agriculture can thrive side by side, that villages can be developed along with big cities and that reforms can go hand in hand with welfare measures," Shah said.

He said the "jobless growth" criticism was misplaced as the government has given employment to 7.28 crore people through the Mudra Bank scheme, and added that it was not possible to create jobs for crores of people in the country.

Shah said that the Modi government had so much to do because the earlier governments did not do much.

"India is being seen differently by the world today," he said.