Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid a visit to the hospital in Midnapore where the injured people had been taken after a tent collapsed during his rally earlier in the day.

He was speaking at a rally in West Midnapore district of West Bengal on Monday when a makeshift tent at the rally ground collapsed on the people who had come to listen to his speech.

According to police, at least 20 people were injured and were immediately shifted to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Even though the PM kept asking the crowd to be cautious, the accident happened when many enthusiastic BJP supporters crowded inside a huge tent erected next to the main entrance of the rally venue.

As soon as he saw the tent fall on the people, the PM instructed his SPG personnel to rush to the aid of the injured. The local BJP unit as well as Modi’s personal staff, including his doctor, swung into action to help the injured and carry them to hospital.

After concluding his address, the PM went straight to the hospital to visit the injured. He spoke to the doctors and enquired about the condition of the victims.

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The PM also tried to lift the spirits of some of the victims, telling them they were courageous and would be alright soon. He also obliged the request of an injured lady who asked for an autograph.