Newly appointed vice president of BSP Jai Prakash Singh was removed from his post on Tuesday, a day after he said that Congress president Rahul Gandhi can never become the prime minister of the country due to his mother’s foreign origin.

Speaking at the party meet on Monday, Singh had said: “Rahul looks more like his mother than his father. And his mother is a foreigner, thus he can never be the PM.”

After sacking Singh from his post, BSP chief Mayawati said she took very seriously his “personal views” against the leadership of rival political parties and was removing him as BSP national vice president with immediate effect.

Mayawati said it was his personal opinion and against the party’s culture.

“I came to know that yesterday he has made a statement against top national leadership of rival parties, thereby deviating from the policies of the BSP,” she said in a statement.

Distancing herself from the comment, Mayawati added that he had said a number of “unrestrained things which is completely against the culture of the BSP”.

“Taking this very seriously and in the interest of the party and BSP movement, our party, which had appointed Jai Prakash Singh recently as national vice president, has with immediate effect removed him from the post,” Mayawati said.

Singh has also been removed as national coordinator, the release added.