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LUCKNOW, 27 JULY: It was a day of accusations and stinging rejoinders in Uttar Pradesh on Saturday as the top rung leadership of the Bahujan Samaj Party and the Samajwadi Party traded charges and counter-charges.
The lead was taken by BSP chief Mayawati who slammed Mr Akhilesh Yadav for wasting public funds by distributing laptops for political gains, for promoting a particular caste in matters of jobs and for the dismal law and order situation.
The CM hit back with equal gusto. He said some people were unable to digest the development and prosperity in UP under the SP rule and hence were raising the bogey of communalism and casteism. He said if the same people were so unhappy with the law and order situation then they should cease to come to UP. He reminded the BSP of the stone statues erected when the party was in power and sought to know if this wastage of public funds or not.
At a Press conference the BSP president said people belonging to a particular caste were being accorded priority in matters of job. Those who were less advantageously placed were feeling slighted under the present government and were being forced to take to the streets and also recourse to the courts for the implementation of their rights.
Mayawati was referring to the recent controversial order by the Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission which changed the rules governing quotas in the commission exams. She added that vast sums of public money was being wasted in the distribution of unemployment allowance and laptops. The publicity for the exercise was a wastage of people&’s money as the same task could be performed by the district magistrates, she said.