In the first-ever broadcast of the monthly Mann Ki Baat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that he had told the people of India in February, before the general elections, that he would be meeting them again for the said programme because of his faith in them that they will choose him again.

“When I had said in February that I will meet you again in a few months, people said I am overconfident. However, I always had faith in the people of India,” said Modi.

On his Kedarnath trip, he said, “Will not reveal other things today but I want to tell you that perhaps in that solitary cave I got an opportunity to fill the vacuum caused due to the long gap of Mann Ki Baat. I undertook the Kedarnath journey to meet my inner self.”

Referring to popular writer Premchand, Modi said he was recently gifted a short-story book written by Premchand and mentioned two stories. “Someone gifted me a book on popular short stories by Premchand. It was amazing. The story Nasha on economic disparity was enlightening and also Eidgah, this story about young Hamid really touched my heart,” said Modi.

Harping on the issue of emergency, Modi said, “When emergency was imposed, resistance against it was not just in political circles or politicians; the movement was not limited to the jails. There was anger in the conscience of everyone.”

Amidst the ongoing water crisis in the country he said, “With the significance of water in mind, a new Jalashakti Ministry has been established in the country. This will allow quicker decision-making on all water-related issues.

“Water crisis hits many parts of the nation every year. You will be surprised that only 8% of the rainwater in the whole year is harvested in our country.

“I have 3 requests, an appeal to all, including eminent people from all walks of life to create awareness on water conservation. Share information about traditional methods of water conservation. If you know about any individuals or NGOs working on water conservation, do share about them,” said Modi.