TDP leadership sees this as means to attract the youth
stanley theodore
[email protected]
Hyderabad, 11 November
TDP president Mr N Chandrababu Naidu&’s son Mr N Lokesh is being projected as a leader for Telangana as the former has totally lost the connect with the region for going back on his stance for a separate statehood.
“My family is from Rayalaseema, I am the son-in-law of Coastal Andhra and I was born in Telangana”, he told at a TDP&’s youth and students meeting.
There are demands from some Telangana leaders that he should contest from the region, but at the moment he is disinclined. Mr Lokesh said that his primary focus is to campaign for the TDP&’s victory in the 2014 general elections starting 1 December.
He was to tour the entire state. Now that programme is being tweaked so that he campaigns predominantly in Telangana and his father campaigns in the rest of Andhra Pradesh. Their campaign schedules are being worked out for 100 days ahead of polling.
Meanwhile, the party leadership has decided to use Mr Lokesh as a tool to attract first time voters and the youth. Mr Lokesh is keen to start visiting colleges and interact with students at the hangouts there. He is also likely to visit popular hangouts for youngsters like coffee shops, malls, among others.