MIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi on Monday said if Prime Minister Narendra Modi sincerely believes in what he is saying about Pakistan meddling in Gujarat elections, he should order arrest of the persons involved.

“If what PM is saying is correct then what is NIA doing? Why doesn’t he charge them under Unlawful Activities Prevention Act and National Security Act and have them arrested?” the Hyderabad MP asked.

“I expect him not to react in such a weak and meek way. Let him arrest them,” he said.

The MIM leader said the PM was questioning the nationalism and loyalty of even a retired army chief and a former foreign secretary. “If this is correct then you have to tell this to nation because it is a serious matter,” he said.

Owaisi alleged that by not acting on the matter, Modi had proved that it’s a mere rhetoric to polarize voters in Gujarat.

The MP said he was not surprised over the PM’s statement as his party had used the same language during Bihar elections. The BJP had said that if it loses the polls, people in Pakistan will celebrate Diwali.

The MIM chief also demanded the government to clarify on the meeting held in Bangkok between the National Security Advisors of India and Pakistan. “Why there is so much secrecy about the meeting,” he asked.