Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has come under fire after his revelation that he inducted poll strategist Prashant Kishor into the JDU following recommendation from none other than BJP chief Amit Shah. Both the JDU and the BJP have been in alliance for long but this was for the first time that the BJP has been found to be interfering into the organisational activities of the JD-U, inviting bitter attacks from the main opposition, the RJD.

As such, the chief minister had gone to attend a function organised by a TV news channel in the state capital last evening when the fact slipped out of his mouth. He was asked to reply if he had any conflicts with the BJP over the issue of inducting Kishor to the JD-U since he earlier worked for the BJP, and what he told later was even more startling.

“Please let it be known that none other than Amit Shah himself had asked me twice to induct Kishor into the JDU,” the chief minister revealed.

He added Kishor was already familiar with him and had worked for them in the 2015 Assembly polls. Kishor joined the JD-U in September last year and barely a month later appointed as party’s vice-president, thus making him the second most powerful man in the ruling party. He is now being widely projected as the “successor” of the chief minister.

The Opposition Rashtriya Janat Dal (RJD) trained guns at the chief minister for dancing to the tune of the BJP. “Finally Nitish Kumar admits that JD-U is advanced version of BJP. Therefore, he is giving all important organizational posts except him to the people chosen by Mr Amit Shah,” RJD lawmaker and Bihar opposition lawmaker Tejashwi Yadav tweeted today.

He alleged the ongoing incidents of “mob lynching” in Bihar was obviously a part of BJP strategy and alerted the masses about the NDA’s ugly designs. “Hope now you understand why mob lunching and state sponsored crime have become a routine practice in Bihar,” he added. The state has reported a number of incidents of mob lynching in recent months but the chief minister doesn’t see a pattern in them.

The RJD is also amazed at the way the RSS activities have suddenly picked up in recent months and has linked the communal clashes reported from a number of cities such as Aurangabad, Nawada and Samastipur during Ramnavami last year with visits of top RSS leaders—a charge the Hindutva forces strongly deny.