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NEW DELHI, 15 JUNE: As the JD-U appears set to part ways with the BJP over the Narendra Modi issue, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh has said his appointment as Election Campaign Committee head does not mean he is the Prime Ministerial candidate.
In its latest issue, the RSS mouthpiece Organiser stated “arm-twisting” of the BJP by the JD-U on Mr Modi’s elevation is not good for the country and emphasised on the need for the NDA to remain united in order to oust the Congress-led UPA. 
Significantly, this observation has come days after Mr L K Advani quit from all organisational posts of the BJP in protest against Mr Modi’s elevation at the Goa conclave. He withdrew his resignation only after RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat assured him that his concerns will be looked into.
“Undisputedly, the question of declaring a Prime Ministerial candidate does not arise at this moment, as the polls have not yet been declared,” Organiser stated. It further states that there is a need for the JD-U to stay within the NDA fold. “There is sufficient time to declare a Prime Ministerial candidate and the decision will naturally be taken at an appropriate time after consultation with all parties concerned,” the RSS mouthpiece stated.
The editorial, however, showered praise on the Gujarat Chief Minister and said all recent opinion polls show he is the most popular face for the post of Prime Minister, followed by Mr Rahul Gandhi and Dr Manmohan Singh after a huge gap.
Comparing this scenario with the popularity enjoyed by Mr Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the Organiser stated just as the NDA benefited from it then, the coalition would gain electorally with the focus on Mr Modi as he is being seen by “all segments of the society” as the “most suitable person” to lead the country. It underlined the need for unity in the NDA for ousting the UPA from power.
“Anybody who weakens the alliance on insubstantial grounds will have to answer the public,” it said. It recalled that the erstwhile Janata Party ~ which ruled the country post-Emergency ~ was ousted from power when people realised that some of its members had “sabotaged public aspirations”. BJP leaders are in constant touch with the JD-U top brass to save the alliance. Though there is no assurance from the BJP to the JD-U on whether Mr Modi will be the PM candidate, the right-wing party feels Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar should remain within the NDA.

RSS mouthpiece Organiser underlined the need for unity in the NDA for ousting the UPA from power